WinWinD is delivering what will be the largest wind park in Finland at Ajos, Kemi. At the first stage of the project five 3 MW turbines will be built; two on-shore and three on artificial islands. During 2008 the remaining 15 MW will be erected, which will result in a wind park with a total size of 30 MW.
Kemi, Ajos (Finland)

Civil works at the Ajos wind park was
started in the autumn of 2006 and the first turbines will be erected by the end of 2007. It is estimated that the park will be in commercial use by the beginning of 2008. The second stage will be erected in the summer of 2008.The Managing Director of PVO-Innopower, Lauri Luopajärvi, said that the company is very pleased with the products of WinWinD. ”From our earlier project, we now have about two years experience with WinWinD’s 3 MW turbine. It has fulfilled our expectations excellently. We have known the smaller 1 MW machines for even longer and have been very satisfied with them as well. In 2006 the best ones reached a record of over 3000 full load hours”, he states. According to Mr Luopajärvi, the wind conditions in Ajos are some of the best in Finland. In these circumstances, the reliability and high availability of the wind turbines become key issues.

Technical specification

Rated power 30 MW (10*3 MW)

Hub height 88 m

Rotor diameter 100 m

Artificial island size 30 x 50 m

Grid connection to 110 kV

Grid 20/110 kV

switch- board on shore

Annual production/turbine (est.) 8 000 MWh